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Hand-built bespoke kitchens and furniture for the entire home


Many people have much loved pieces of furniture, whether antique or modern. When a repair or some restoration is needed, it can be very difficult to find someone with the skill and patience to undertake this well, at reasonable cost. Such work is one of Grant & Webster’s specialities.

In addition, Grant & Webster can produce new pieces of furniture to match or complement existing ones. Working closely with our customers, we can take even the roughest ideas and drawings through to finalized designs, capturing your aspirations and turning them into the perfect piece of furniture.

Very often a customer will come to us having seen something they like the look of somewhere, and together, taking these outline thoughts, we work up a design. Inspiration might come from a picture in a magazine, something seen on television, at a friend’s home, in a shop, or maybe even in a hotel or at an exhibition.

From the initial idea we develop something unique that exactly matches your wishes and is perfect for your home.

‘When I downsized from our family home, the dining room in my new house was simply too small to accommodate the full dining suite which had been in our family for several generations. It was a wrench to move house and I certainly didn’t want to loose all this furniture as well. The biggest problem was the sideboard. Mike crafted a scaled down version, which exactly matched the table and chairs and it all fits beautifully into my new home’.
Mrs M - Somerset

However big or small your project, we can provide a complete design, build and installation service
and we will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction from start to finish.

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